Overview of Kr8 Education

Who are we?

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Kr8 Education is a Virtual School built on International Standards. We use cutting edge technology and leading educational methods to reach the tech savvy students of the new millenium. Our lessons incorporate video, audio, textbooks, workbooks, online assessments, virtual laboratories and inter-activities to address each students specific needs. Our courses are modular. This means that any student can start any course at any time, at any level and complete it in their own time Originally Kr8 Education was involved in building physical schools, designing curriculums and management systems for these schools, and training teachers to manage and facilitate student-lead learning. We then decided to spread our reach by building a complete online school. We are no longer affiliated with our physical schools, but we do contract grade and subject teachers from these schools that are familiar with our resources and methodologies in. These teachers assist with marking and 'classroom' management.

When did we start the school?

We started our physical schools in 2008 and our Virtual School in the beginning of 2015. During October of 2015 we reached our first goal of 1000 users. Our new aim is to have 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2017 and we hope that you can be a part of it!

Where are we based?

Kr8's Education Team is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since we use International Curriculums and final school exams are done through International providers anyone can join our school from anywhere in the world. Exams can by written at any of 2800 examination centres across the world in over 130 countries.

*Since the start of 2016 we have the ability to quote you in your local currency.

What do we do?

Kindergarten to Grade 5

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We provide Mathematics, Science and English lessons from grade 0 to 5 at a first language level. Parent involvement is critical for grade 0 to 2 students since assessments are done by parents. From grade 3 to 5 students are a bit more independent and parents only need to ensure that their kids are doing the work and submitting their assignments.

Grades 6 to 8

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During this phase of their education it is important that students experience the whole spectrum of subjects to better prepare them for choice subjects later on. We provide resources for Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), English, World History, World Geography and Economics.

Grades 9 to 12

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This is the most important phase in students' careers and it is also the only phase where students write International Exams through external service providers. Students have the following subject choices through us at this phase. Accounting*, Afrikaans*, Biology, Business Studies*, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology.

*We do not currently provide these subjects, but are busy working on them. Feel free to enquire about their availability at any time.

Why Kr8 Education?

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Our motto is to provide the best quality products available internationally, and deliver these products to our customers on time and at an affordable price.

It is easy to make this statement and for this reason we have decided to provide the following guarantee with our products. If you find a better quality product than the one we provide at a better price, we will incorporate that product into our site as well as give you a free subscription to our sites for a year. We are not a publisher and we are not affiliated to any educational service providers. This allows us to evaluate all the educational resources out their and hand pick the materials that we feel are the best that the market currently has to offer. Our marketing strategy is to increase our market share, and not to maximise profits. For this reason we have committed to keeping our subscription prices the same until at least 2020. Our whole Virtual School is designed on a click-and-play principle.

How does the a Virtual School work?

Here's an example of the format for a typical lesson on our site. This example will also give you an idea of how the modular design of the courses enable you to start at any time and finish courses on your own time.

  • A video of a teacher explaining a concept is shown.
    • A student must watch the video to gain access to the next activity
  • A PDF worksheet with review questions on the video needs to be printed, completed, scanned, attached and submitted.
    • The student will only have access to the next activity once the document is submitted to the Kr8 Education Team via the website.
  • A Virtual Lab covering the topic needs to be completed. These labs are interactive and all results need to be recorded by the students. Notes also need to be taken during the activity.
  • A project done using a spreadsheet (Excel, Google docs) and a word processor (Microsoft Word, Google docs) needs to be completed and submitted
  • A short quiz covering all the work is taken.
    • The student needs to get 80% or more for the quiz to open up the next activity.
    • The student can go back to any of the previously completed activities at any time to review their work and improve their quiz mark.
    • They can take the quiz as many times as they want.
    • Each quiz will have new questions with randomised answers.
  • Once the student achieves 80% or more for their quiz they can take the chapter/module/topic test.
    • This test can only be taken once and the mark counts towards their subject/grade mark.
    • This test needs to be taken to move on to the next topic.
    • This test can not be taken again.
      • Any of the quizzes taken at any stage during the course can be taken again at any time during the course.

All of our courses are based on the above example. Any topic in any course has a lot more activities than the sample above. The sample only acts as an overview of our general topic design.